Uncovering Circular Talents 
and Upstream Solutions 

The Circular Innovation grant Program

The ICM Grant program is focused on supporting Upstream & Circular Innovation initiatives through our strategic approach within our key sectors - Consumer Packaged Goods, Fashion and Food Systems.

Our program is based on a venture-building model, coupled with research and youth community engagement, aiming towards uncovering new and innovative solutions to address the general waste and pollution problem in Vietnam and ASEAN.

With Earth Venture Foundation, we will co-select the incoming cohort of Q2/2022 in the Food Systems Sector.

Learn more about our previous grantees here.

Our Areas of Focus

Venture Lab
We support circular innovators and entrepreneurs in their pre-launch (product development and validation) and early launch stages (feasibility, pilot).

Circularity Ecosystem
We support institutions and organizations that build circular innovation capacity for their members and communities through holistic and impactful programs.

Knowledge Hub
We support the circular ecosystem through data-driven research projects focused on means and methods to drive a circular transition.

Read our full Request for Proposal to learn more about the ICM Circular Innovation Grant Program's areas of interest and exclusions.

Grantee eligibility

The ICM Circular Innovation Grant Program is open to registered non-profit entities with activities in Vietnam or the ASEAN region:

  1. Non-profit organizations actively supporting and working in waste elimination and reduction efforts through capacity, funding, or general support
  2. Non-profit universities building circular innovation capacity and awareness for future innovators and entrepreneurs
  3. Social enterprises and entrepreneurs testing and deploying new upstream solutions for waste reduction
  4. Other organized groups with applicable fiscal status to receive grants

Application process

We review proposals on a quarterly basis. The open call is now open for Q2 2022.

The ICM Circular Innovation Grant Program is accepting submissions until June 17, 2022, at noon (GMT +7).

Read our RFP here and head to our screening questionnaire here.

Contact us directly for any grant or partnership-related queries.

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