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Tin tức

Tracing down the rabbit hole of plastic containers in Malaysia

The limitations of recycling as a solution to our plastic overconsumption is particularly strikin...

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Greening the Covid-19 Recovery in Vietnam (Part I)

The pandemic has offered us a once-in-a-generation opportunity to rethink our status quo. Now mor...

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The Surprising Truth About Food Waste

8 of the top 20 solutions to climate change are related to our food systems. And, the most signif...

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Circular Economy: Global aspirations are only as good as local actions

The concept of a circular economy has emerged globally as a theoretical alternative to our curren...

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Building Post COVID Resilience Using Circularity in Plastics

While the COVID pandemic has led to a welcome, positive, yet short-term reprieve for the environm...

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New Growth Opportunities by Fighting Plastic Pollution in Vietnam

Plastic waste will outnumber the world’s entire fish population by 2050 unless we do something to...

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