Powering Innovation 
for a Circular Future

our philanthropic principles

Pushing circularity and upstream innovation further for sustained, local, socio-economic impact
Local Innovation
We believe that local-centric solutions are the key to a sustainable change. By embracing innovation from different thought-leaders at the local level, we are able to understand context-based value chains, and apply that to the root causes of inefficiencies to create sustainable, systemic change.
Informed Decision-making
We remain transparent and accountable for the issues we aim to solve, relying on data to drive all decision-making. This allows us to test hypotheses and monitor progress at a system level, course-correcting where needed.
Flexible Collaboration
We incorporate the input of multiple stakeholders from a variety of sectors to form learning loops which allow us to consistently evaluate and nimbly pivot our strategies in today's dynamic environment.

our three-pillar methodology

Our programming follows a three-pillar methodology closely following the innovation life-cycle in order to build a long-lasting impact in each local circular ecosystem.
Market and industry research
We assist innovators in understanding the state of circularity within their market and industry
Capacity and awareness building
We help building awareness for the circular transition and capacity for aspiring and future circular innovators
Ideation and prototyping
We support young circular entrepreneurs in the early stages of their product and service concept

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